We are focused on Clinical Excellence – our physicians, nurses and care team meet regularly to review and update unique care plans

Clinical Excellence

Nurse is sitting in front of the patient holding her hands and looking at each other face to face.

At Hospice of Florida, Clinical Excellence includes the following aspects:

  • Patient and Family-Centered Care
  • Patient Safety
  • Environmental Safety and Security
  • Emergency Preparedness

Hospice of Florida achieves clinical excellence by:

  • Utilizing professional models of care in the delivery of patient care, including evidence-based practices. We use a Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Model to objectively measure our practices and continuously improve our care.
  • Achieving appropriate levels of staffing to best support our clinical practices.
  • Setting organizational standards for documentation of medical records, reports, care plans, etc. We use electronic records to ensure your care is provided timely and communicated instantaneously to all of our team members providing care to you and your family. Electronic records also ensure your individualized plan of care is followed and each objective is met on every visit.
  • Caring for our patients and their families with the same compassion, dignity and respect we give our own families. We are always here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.